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About Us

Silverline is a platform that supports creative and cultural professionals in achieving their goals through its 3C's: Community, Content, Consultation.

Why You Should Join?

Are you tired of seeing your social platforms recommending people that don’t really answer your immediate need?

Our curated community of individuals that you can network with will always outmatch the suggestions based on algorithms alone. We add the human layer to it. Combining data with the human insights of our experts we can connect those unseen dots between individuals. The purpose is to always help you find the right person in the community that can solve your problem or answer your request.

Lost in what to attend and engage with online that is worthy of your time and that will help you grow as an individual?

On this platform you will engage with content that is focused on issues that matter the most TODAY within the creative and cultural industries. What if you get to decide on the kind of conversations you need to have? What if you work with fellow members on suggesting or (even better) implementing solutions? With such a curated network of individuals you can easily engage in debates, online meetings, problem-solving workshops, polls and more that are focused on your area of expertise.

Have a very specific project or business in mind and need to discuss it or develop it in a bespoke manner?

Your hosts are there for you to consult them on what you have in mind and meet the challenges together. Working with like-minded people is always a blessing. By jumping into our office hours or requesting coaching or mentorship is something the hosts enjoy doing, especially that they are equipped with more than 20 years of experience in the creative and cultural industry. And if what you need is something not within their scope, then they can always introduce to experts who can help.

Who Can Join and How?

Creative and Cultural Professionals and students.

The minute you are in, one of our hosts (Azza, Wakim or Abdallah), will reach out to you for a conversation through the network’s DM. Ideally, having the conversation through a zoom call is perfect as it will help us better understand what you are looking to achieve and to guide you through the platform so you can get the best out of it. If you’re uncomfortable having a zoom call, that’s OK, you can always have it by chatting with your host in the DM box of the platform.

Your Hosts

The Silverline Community has been created through the wonderful collaboration of four individuals who have worked in the spheres of culture and creativity, Wakim Zeidan; Azza Elhassan; Abdallah Elchami; Juliette Zeidan.

Abdallah | A cultural expert involved across multiple creative industry disciplines, including museums, film and entertainment, and publishing, with a cumulative experience of 15 years in the field. See my LinkedIn Profile

Azza | A strategist and a freedom fighter for the arts with 10 years of experience. See my LinkedIn Profile

Juliette | A multi-skilled enthusiast with more than 20 years of experience leading multicultural teams and promoting cultural change. See my LinkedIn Profile

Wakim | A cultural activist and communication expert with more than 20 years in managing communication and branding firms and a prominent non-profit cultural organisation. See my LinkedIn Profile

We are digital nomads. We live online.

To contact us please email:

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