The Silverline Community Welcomes You

Right People. Right Place. Right Time. Doing the Right Thing.

The Big Purpose

Silverline is a space for the glocal community of creative and cultural experts to network across borders and exchange knowledge to improve the economic value of their ideas.

Why you should join?

By becoming a member of the community, you will get to:

  • Network with a global and local network of experts in the creative and cultural sectors
  • Engage in relevant research, roundtables  and analysis across all creative and cultural sectors
  • Explore funding opportunities with multiple partners in the industry
  • Enroll in the annual creative retreats organized by Silverline
  • Access the blockchain-based Intellectual Property management and certification tool

How much does it cost?

Joining and participating is completely FREE. Some offerings, such as MasterClasses and tools, are paid, but they are very affordable, we promise!

Who’s managing the community?

The Silverline Community has been created through the wonderful collaboration of four individuals who have worked in the spheres of culture and creativity, Wakim Zeidan; Azza Elhassan; Abdallah Elchami; Juliette Zeidan.

Abdallah | A multicultural foodie with an ear for contemporary classical music, a constant interest in research and a passion for connecting with the real people behind great ideas.

 See my LinkedIn Profile

Azza | A people watcher and traveller with a thirst for experimental music and exactly 2-left feet who can talk about philosophies and cultural concepts till the break of day. See my LinkedIn Profile

Juliette | A mindfully curious traveller with a love for baking and who’s thorough research skills never fails to discover interests and new cultures, tasty cuisines and most importantly great wine. See my LinkedIn Profile

Wakim | A spontaneous traveller and chocolate collector who’s on a mission to understand how the world works while constantly looking for socially driven technology and isn’t afraid to try them. See my LinkedIn Profile

We are digital nomads. We live online.

To contact us please email: [email protected]

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